Individually Packaged Meals

Individual Boxes & Packaged Meals

Try our individual box lunch or packaged meal options. Choose from the variety below...All include chips & salsa. Add a dessert bar or brownie plus queso, guacamole or sour cream to enhance your meal!

Fajita Taco Box Lunch

Individually wrapped soft flour tortillas with your choice of Fajita Chicken, Steak or Veggies. Served with lettuce, mixed cheeses and diced tomatoes. Includes Chips & Salsa

740 - 970 Cal.
$8.99 - $12.99
Primo Taco Box

Chose from -  Two or three Brisket tacos OR two or three Southwest Chicken tacos. Includes Chips & Salsa.

940 - 1,480 Cal.
$9.99 - $11.99
Fajita Wraps Box

Large flour tortilla with lettuce & shredded cabbage, pico de gallo and cheese. Topped with Smoked Jalapeno Vinaigrette or creamy red chile sauce. Chilled Fajita wrap filled with choice of Mesquite grilled Chicken, steak or veggies. Includes Chips & Salsa.

760 - 950 Cal.
$8.49 - $9.99
Fajita Wrap & Salad Combo Box

Half of a chilled fajita wrap filled with Mesquite grilled chicken, steak or veggies. served with a choice of a house or confetti salad. Includes Chips & Salsa. 

750 - 1,040 Cal.
$7.49 - $8.99
Individual Box Lunch Salad

Chose either Fajita or Taco salad both made with a blend of lettuce & shredded cabbage. Served with your choice of dressing and Chips & Salsa. 

580 - 1,150 Cal.
$8.99 - $10.99
Individual Border Bowl

Build the perfect bowl from fresh, house-made ingredients including cilantro lime rice, black beans, toasted corn, pickled red onions, lime crema, queso fresco, shredded lettuce, pico de gallo, guacamole, and chips with salsa. 

50 - 1,280 Cal.
$3.99 - $13.49
Grande Burrito Box

Large flour tortilla filled with choice of chicken, veggies, portobello mushroom or steak and cilantro lime rice,
black beans, pico de gallo & cheese. Includes Chips & Salsa.


910 - 1,120 Cal.
$8.49 - $9.99
Individual Packed Buffets

Individually packed buffet options - select from some of our favorite buffets! All include individually packed Chips & Salsa! 

880 - 1,610 Cal.
$9.59 - $16.49
Individual Box Additions
260 - 480 Cal.
$0.69 - $1.89
Chicken Tortilla Soup

Homemade chicken broth loaded with chicken tinga, rice, zucchini and Jack cheese, topped with fresh avocado and tortilla strips.

330 - 450 Cal.
$4.99 - $7.49
Snack Box

Box filled with our famous chips, salsa & Original queso - Plus half of a chewy chocolate walnut brownie.

1,480 Cal.

2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice, but calorie needs vary.

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